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Quod populo similique duo te, ea eugaitper in laudem malorum epicuri, quod natum laudem malorum
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Hello! Welcome to my website. My name is Christina Andrea Blunsum. I was born in Liverpool, I am also half cypriot and currently based in London!

I attended David Johnson Drama School for 2 years in Manchester, but I feel my career and training properly started in the Middle East. Moving there by myself when I was 23, I really began to explore what I came to do here in this life and being there, I gained experience of working on set’s, 100’s of short/student films before landing lead roles in 3 feature films that premiered all over the UAE in the Cinemas. This experience really gave me the confidence and knowing that this is what I want to dedicate my life to and by throwing myself into the unknown and meeting new people from around the world from different cultures, strengthened my understanding of people that has helped me know myself more and prepare for roles.  I have gone onto perform in Theatre Shows, work on commercials such as HSBC & VISA, and have been apart of award winning short films such as The Replacement & Boiling Point. I recently finished working on a new Film ‘Outwitting The Devil’ based on the book by one of my favourite authors. All of the experience I have had so far, has enabled me to understand acting from different aspects including the business side, as I learned on the go, which has given me courage to move to London to make this my life’s work. It has been an honour to pursue acting and I truly hope I can give back to the film industry using my love for this art and I am looking forward to exciting projects in 2020.